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Volume 20, Issue 2

Can Redistribution by Means of a Progressive Labor Income-Taxation Transfer System Increase Financial Stability?
   Thomas Fischer

Social Dynamics of Littering and Adaptive Cleaning Strategies Explored Using Agent-Based Modelling
   Ruggero Rangoni and Wander Jager

Utility, Impact, Fashion and Lobbying: An Agent-Based Model of the Funding and Epistemic Landscape of Research
   Pawel Sobkowicz

Product Diffusion Using Advance Selling Strategies: An Online Social Network Perspective
   Peng Shao and Ping Hu

Agent-Based Modelling of Social-Ecological Systems: Achievements, Challenges, and a Way Forward
   Jule Schulze, Birgit Müller, Jürgen Groeneveld and Volker Grimm

How, when and Where Can Spatial Segregation Induce Opinion Polarization? Two Competing Models
   Thomas Feliciani, Andreas Flache and Jochem Tolsma


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