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Volume 21, Issue 1

Modelling Sustainability Transitions: An Assessment of Approaches and Challenges
   Jonathan Köhler, Fjalar de Haan, Georg Holtz, Klaus Kubeczko, Enayat Moallemi, George Papachristos and Emile Chappin

Comparing Prediction Market Mechanisms: An Experiment-Based and Micro Validated Multi-Agent Simulation
   Frank M. A. Klingert and Matthias Meyer

Examining Collusion and Voting Biases Between Countries During the Eurovision Song Contest Since 1957
   Alexander V. Mantzaris, Samuel R. Rein and Alexander D. Hopkins

Social Norms and the Dominance of Low-Doers
   Carlo Proietti and Antonio Franco

Which Perspective of Institutional Change Best Fits Empirical Data? An Agent-Based Model Comparison of Rational Choice and Cultural Diffusion in Invasive Plant Management
   Abigail Sullivan, Li An and Abigail York

A Minimal Agent-Based Model Reproduces the Overall Topology of Interbank Networks
   Sara Cuenda, Maximiliano Fernández, Javier Galeano and José A. Capitán

Agent-Based Modelling to Assess Community Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods
   Samantha Dobbie, Kate Schreckenberg, James G Dyke, Marije Schaafsma and Stefano Balbi

Forecasting Changes in Religiosity and Existential Security with an Agent-Based Model
   Ross Gore, Carlos Lemos, F. LeRon Shults and Wesley J. Wildman


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