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Volume 22, Issue 4

The Dynamics of Language Minorities: Evidence from an Agent-Based Model of Language Contact
   Marco Civico

How to Manage Individual Forgetting: Analysis and Comparison of Different Knowledge Management Strategies
   Jie Yan, Renjing Liu, Zhengwen He and Xiaobo Wan

Models Within Models – Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation in Energy Systems Analysis
   Martin Klein, Ulrich J. Frey and Matthias Reeg

Modelling Contingent Technology Adoption in Farming Irrigation Communities
   Antoni Perello-Moragues, Pablo Noriega and Manel Poch

Common Dynamics of Identity and Immigration: The Roles of Mobility and Democracy
   Nicolas Houy

Agent Scheduling in Opinion Dynamics: A Taxonomy and Comparison Using Generalized Models
   Christopher Weimer, J.O. Miller, Raymond Hill and Douglas Hodson

Agent-Based Modelling of Charging Behaviour of Electric Vehicle Drivers
   Mart van der Kam, Annemijn Peters, Wilfried van Sark and Floor Alkemade


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