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Volume 20, Issue 4

A Model-Based Analysis of the Minimum Size of Demographically-Viable Hunter-Gatherer Populations
   Andrew White

Models of Social Influence: Towards the Next Frontiers
   Andreas Flache, Michael Mäs, Thomas Feliciani, Edmund Chattoe-Brown, Guillaume Deffuant, Sylvie Huet and Jan Lorenz

Opinion Communication on Contested Topics: How Empirics and Arguments can Improve Social Simulation
   Annalisa Stefanelli and Roman Seidl

Cooperation Via Intimidation: An Emergent System of Mutual Threats can Maintain Social Order
   Piotr Mateusz Patrzyk and Martin Takáč

Efficient and Effective Pair-Matching Algorithms for Agent-Based Models
   Nathan Geffen and Stefan Scholz

Direct and Indirect Economic Incentives to Mitigate Nitrogen Surpluses: A Sensitivity Analysis
   Alena Schmidt, Magdalena Necpalova, Albert Zimmermann, Stefan Mann, Johan Six and Gabriele Mack

A Computational Study of the Station Nightclub Fire Accounting for Social Relationships
   Sherif El-Tawil, Jieshi Fang, Benigno Aguirre and Eric Best


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