Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

Volume 18

Issue 2

March 2015

Peer reviewed articles

An Agent-Based Model of Status Construction in Task Focused Groups
André Grow, Andreas Flache and Rafael Wittek

Self-Policing Through Norm Internalization: A Cognitive Solution to the Tragedy of the Digital Commons in Social Networks
Daniel Villatoro, Giulia Andrighetto, Rosaria Conte and Jordi Sabater-Mir

Modeling Education and Advertising with Opinion Dynamics
Thomas Moore, Patrick Finley, Nancy Brodsky, Theresa Brown, Benjamin Apelberg, Bridget Ambrose and Robert Glass

Mobilization, Flexibility of Identity, and Ethnic Cleavage
Kazuya Yamamoto

Exploring Creativity and Urban Development with Agent-Based Modeling
Ammar Malik, Andrew Crooks, Hilton Root and Melanie Swartz

How Evolutionary Dynamics Affects Network Reciprocity in Prisoner’s Dilemma
Giulio Cimini and Angel Sanchez

Innovation Suppression and Clique Evolution in Peer-Review-Based, Competitive Research Funding Systems: An Agent-Based Model
Pawel Sobkowicz

Does Longer Copyright Protection Help or Hurt Scientific Knowledge Creation?
Shahram Haydari and Rory Smead

Modelling Academics as Agents: An Implementation of an Agent-Based Strategic Publication Model
Xin Gu, Karen Blackmore, David Cornforth and Keith Nesbitt

Growing Food Safety from the Bottom Up: An Agent-Based Model of Food Safety Inspections
Sara McPhee-Knowles

Local Opinion Heterogeneity and Individual Participation in Collective Behavior: A Reconsideration
Hai-hua Hu, Jun Lin and Wen-tian Cui

Modeling Oligarchs' Campaign Donations and Ideological Preferences with Simulated Agent-Based Spatial Elections
Mason Wright and Pratim Sengupta

A Multi-Agent Emotional Society Whose Melodies Represent its Emergent Social Hierarchy and Are Generated by Agent Communications
Alexis Kirke and Eduardo Miranda

Impact of Population Relocation to City Commerce: Micro-Level Estimation with Validated Agent-Based Model
SeHoon Lee, Jeong Hee Hong, Jang Won Bae and Il-Chul Moon

Special section: The Computational Social Science Society of the Americas (CSSSA) 2013 Annual Meeting (guest editor: William G. Kennedy)

An Agent-Based Model of Urgent Diffusion in Social Media
William Rand, Jeffrey Herrmann, Brandon Schein and Neža Vodopivec

A Large-Scale Agent-Based Model of Taxpayer Reporting Compliance
Kim M. Bloomquist and Matt Koehler

Impacts of Farmer Coordination Decisions on Food Supply Chain Structure
Caroline Krejci and Benita Beamon

Modeling Real Estate Market Responses to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone
Handi Chandra Putra, Haiyan Zhang and Clinton Andrews


Discussion papers and work in progress

Fill in the Gap: A New Alliance for Social and Natural Sciences
Tommaso Venturini, Pablo Jensen and Bruno Latour

Evaluating the Performance of Iterative Proportional Fitting for Spatial Microsimulation: New Tests for an Established Technique
Robin Lovelace, Mark Birkin, Dimitris Ballas and Eveline van Leeuwen

Extracting OWL Ontologies from Agent-Based Models: A Netlogo Extension
J. Gary Polhill

What One Can Learn from Extracting OWL Ontologies from a NetLogo Model That Was Not Designed for Such an Exercise
Klaus G. Troitzsch

Book Reviews

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation in Archaeology (Advances in Geographic Information Science)
Wurzer, Gabriel, Kowarik, Kerstin and Reschreiter, Hans (eds.)
Reviewed by Timothy A. Kohler

The Complexity of Social Norms (Computational Social Sciences)
Xenitidou, Maria and Edmonds, Bruce (eds.)
Reviewed by Juliette Rouchier

Applied Data-Centric Social Sciences: Concepts, Data, Computation, and Theory
Sato, Aki-Hiro
Reviewed by Katarzyna Abramczuk

Reconstructing Reality: Models, Mathematics, and Simulations (Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Science)
Morrison, Margaret
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Books received for review