Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

Volume 24

Issue 1

January 2021

Peer reviewed articles

Justified Stories with Agent-Based Modelling for Local COVID-19 Planning
Jennifer Badham, Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Camila Caiado and Brian Castellani

Agent-Based Simulation of West Asian Urban Dynamics: Impact of Refugees
Ali Termos, Stefano Picascia and Neil Yorke-Smith

On the Macroeconomic Effect of Extortion: An Agent-Based Approach
Alejandro Platas-López, Alejandro Guerra-Hernández and Francisco Grimaldo

Opinion Dynamics and Collective Risk Perception: An Agent-Based Model of Institutional and Media Communication About Disasters
Francesca Giardini and Daniele Vilone

An Argument Communication Model of Polarization and Ideological Alignment
Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich

Finding Core Members of Cooperative Games Using Agent-Based Modeling
Daniele Vernon-Bido and Andrew Collins

Targeting Your Preferences: Modelling Micro-Targeting for an Increasingly Diverse Electorate
Toby Pilditch and Jens Koed Madsen

Book Reviews

Integrating Qualitative and Social Science Factors in Archaeological Modelling
Saqalli, Mehdi and Vander Linden, Marc (Eds.)
Reviewed by Dries Daems

Network Origins of the Global Economy. East Vs. West in a Complex Systems Perspective
Hilton L. Root
Reviewed by Ammar Malik

Books received for review