Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

Volume 19

Issue 2

March 2016

Peer reviewed articles

Simulating the Transmission of Foot-And-Mouth Disease Among Mobile Herds in the Far North Region, Cameroon
Hyeyoung Kim, Ningchuan Xiao, Mark Moritz, Rebecca Garabed and Laura W. Pomeroy

TreatMethHarm: An Agent-Based Simulation of How People Who Use Methamphetamine Access Treatment
Francois Lamy, Brendan Quinn, Robyn Dwyer, Nicola Thomson, David Moore and Paul Dietze

Learning with Communication Barriers Due to Overconfidence. What a "Model-To-Model Analysis" Can Add to the Understanding of a Problem
Juliette Rouchier and Emily Tanimura

Modeling Interaction Effects in Polarization: Individual Media Influence and the Impact of Town Meetings
Eric Pulick, Patrick Korth, Patrick Grim and Jiin Jung

An Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Dynamics of Cooperation in Small Groups
Steve Phelps

Lifestyle Tradeoffs and the Decline of Societal Well-Being: An Agent-Based Model
Christopher Thron

The Blessing of Sexuality: Evolution of Altruism with Mating Preference
Tanzhe Tang and Hang Ye

Book Reviews

Social Phenomena: From Data Analysis to Models (Computational Social Sciences)
Gonçalves, Bruno and Perra, Nicola (eds.)
Reviewed by Erika Frydenlund

Chaos Theory in Politics (Understanding Complex Systems)
Banerjee, Santo, Ercetin, Sefika Sule and Tekin, Ali (eds.)
Reviewed by Hans-Walter Lorenz

Rethinking Environmental Justice in Sustainable Cities: Insights from Agent-Based Modeling (Routledge Studies in Public Administration and Environmental Sustainability)
Campbell, Heather E., Kim, Yushim and Eckerd, Adam M.
Reviewed by In Young Hwang

Books received for review