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Notice of Copyright and Self-Archiving Policy


The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS) is published by the SIMSOC Consortium. All work published in JASSS is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any manner or in any medium without the written consent of the SIMSOC Consortium unless no charge is made for the copy containing the work or the excerpt, and the author's name and place of first publication appears on the work or the excerpt.

As a condition of publication, authors must assign copyright to JASSS. In all cases, the moral rights of the authors to their work remain with the authors.


Authors may link from institutional repositories, home pages, or other websites under their or their institutions' control to the final, published form of material published in JASSS (including linking to the final PDF versions of articles), without charge or explicit permission.

Authors and others are requested not to make electronic copies of JASSS articles for hosting on other servers. Not only is this a waste of effort and time (because the original versions of JASSS articles are freely available to everyone without subscription), but having more than one copy can lead to confusion over which version is the current or definitive version.

Note to managers of institutional repositories: Unlike most publishers, JASSS encourages links from your repository to the published version of articles, and discourages depositing pre-prints, post-prints or other versions of articles.


Enquiries about copyright and obtaining consent for commercial reproduction should be sent to the Editor.


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