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Ivica Mitrovic is a lecturer in new media technologies at the Department of Visual Communication Design, Art Academy, University of Split. The focus of his research has been work on socially intelligent agents, taking place in a multidisciplinary team of researchers, including social scientists and cultural theorists.

Department of Visual Communication Design
Arts Academy
University of Split
Glagoljaska bb
21000 Split

Email: ivica.mitrovic@umas.hr

Kerstin Dautenhahn is Professor of Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Computer Science at University of Hertfordshire in England where she coordinates the Adaptive Systems Research Group. She has a background in Biology, Artificial Intelligence and Behaviour-Based Robotics. She has pioneered research in Social Robotics, imitation learning, and the study of robots in autism therapy. She has edited 10 different special journal issues and published more than 100 research articles. Dr. Dautenhahn has edited or co-edited "Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology" (John Benjamins Publishers, 2000), "Imitation in Animals and Artifacts" (MIT Press, 2002), and "Socially Intelligent Agents - Creating Relationships with Computers and Robots" (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002). She is Associate Editor of Adaptive Behavior and on the Board of Advisory Editors of the International Journal of Cognition and Technology: Co-existence, Convergence, Co-evolution (IJCT).

Adaptive Systems Research Group
Department of Computer Science
The University of Hertfordshire
College Lane
Hertfordshire AL10 9AB
United Kingdom

Web: http://homepages.feis.herts.ac.uk/~comqkd
Email: K.Dautenhahn@herts.ac.uk

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