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J. Gary Polhill

Gary Polhill did a degree in Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Neural Networks before spending 18 months in industry as a professional programmer. Since 1997 he has been working at The James Hutton Institute (formerly the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute) on agent-based modelling of land use and related systems. He works on the simulation of agricultural incentives and ecosystem service provision, domestic energy demand, and everyday pro-environmental behaviour. He is interested in complex systems, social dilemmas, spatially-explicit modelling, and best practice in agent-based modelling, programming and design. He is also interested in the role of ontologies in formally describing and annotating simulation models and experiments.

The James Hutton Institute
AB15 8QH
United Kingdom

Email: gary.polhill@hutton.ac.uk
Web: http://www.hutton.ac.uk/staff/gary-polhill

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