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Victor Ionut Stoica

V.I.Stoica took his PhD in Physics in 2012 from the University of Groningen. His current work is focused on school segregation; on the explanation of reasons for the creation of school segregation and the patterns of segregation that emerge. Further goals envisage an assessment of different anti-segregation policies and their effect on the schools segregation.


Email: V.I.Stoica@rug.nl

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Andreas Flache

Andreas Flache took his master in computer science from the University of Koblenz-Landau and his Ph.D. in social sciences from the University of Groningen (1996). He is professor of sociology at the Department of Sociology / ICS of the University of Groningen. His main research interests concern social integration and cooperation, in particular in relation to social networks. He uses agent-based and game-theoretical modeling, social network research, laboratory experiments, survey- and interview research.

Grote Rozenstraat 31
9712 TG Groningen

Email: a.flache@rug.nl
Web: http://www.gmw.rug.nl/~flache/


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