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Annie Waldherr

Annie Waldherr is a postdoctoral researcher at the Free University of Berlin, Institute for Media and Communication Studies. In 2012, she received her PhD for her dissertation on the dynamics of media attention. She graduated in communication science at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart in 2005. Her research interests include the social simulation of public spheres, science and technology discourses as well as political online communication.

Institute for Media and Communication Studies
Division of Communication Theory and Media Effects
Garystr. 55
14195 Berlin

Email: annie.waldherr@fu-berlin.de
Web: http://www.polsoz.fu-berlin.de/en/kommwiss/institut/kommunikationstheorie/mitarbeiterinnen/awaldherr/index.html

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Nanda Wijermans

Nanda Wijermans is a postdoctoral researcher, social-ecological modelling, at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. She studied Artificial Intelligence and focused in her PhD on modelling crowd behaviour by combining the social, cognitive and natural sciences. She has a strong interest in social complex systems and using computer simulation to gain a better understanding.

Stockholm University
Kräftriket 2B (Roslagsvägen 101)
11419 Stockholm
114 19 Stockholm

Email: nanda@stockholmresilience.su.se
Web: http://www.stockholmresilience.org/contactus/staff/wijermans.5.5ea7abe0139d0dada52862.html


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