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Nanda Wijermans

Nanda Wijermans is a postdoctoral researcher, social-ecological modelling, at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. She studied Artificial Intelligence and focused in her PhD on modelling crowd behaviour by combining the social, cognitive and natural sciences. She has a strong interest in social complex systems and using computer simulation to gain a better understanding.

Stockholm University
Kräftriket 2B (Roslagsvägen 101)
11419 Stockholm
114 19 Stockholm

Email: nanda@stockholmresilience.su.se
Web: http://www.stockholmresilience.org/contactus/staff/wijermans.5.5ea7abe0139d0dada52862.html

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René Jorna

René J. Jorna (1953) is full professor of Knowledge Management and Cognition (University of Groningen) and since 2009 also working at the Social Science department of the Frisian Academy in Leeuwarden (KNAW). He has a Master in analytical philosophy (1981) and a Master in cognitive psychology (1982). His dissertation in 1989 was in Cognitive Science, strongly related to semiotics. He has teaching experience in various aspects of Philosophy, Psychology and Statistics & Methodology, Knowledge Technology and Knowledge Management. From 1992-1997 he was project leader of the DISKUS project on planning and scheduling and from 2001-2004 he was program manager of "Knowledge Creation for Sustainable Innovation" a research program with industry of NIDO. He supervised and supervises 20 PhD's. His research and publications address cognition, multilingualism, semiotics, knowledge management, sustainable innovation and knowledge technology.

P.O. Box 800

Email: r.j.j.m.jorna@rug.nl
Web: http://www1.fa.knaw.nl/personal/renejorna

Wander Jager

Wander Jager is the managing director of the Groningen Center for Social Complexity Studies (GCSCS). He is also an associate professor of marketing at the University of Groningen. He studied social psychology and obtained his PhD in the behavioural and social sciences, based on a dissertation about the computer modelling of consumer behaviours in situations of common resource use.

Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
9700 AV

Email: w.jager@rug.nl
Web: http://www.rug.nl/w.jager

Tony van Vliet

Tony van Vliet is a senior researcher at TNO Defence, Safety and Security in Soesterberg.

Kampweg 5
3769 DE Soesterberg

Email: tony.vanvliet@tno.nl

Otto Adang

Otto Adang is the chair, public order management, at the Police Academy of the Netherlands. He is a behavioural scientist interested in aggression, reconciliation and collective behaviour, specifically in the way in which individuals regulate conflicts and social tension. Since 1998, he heads the internationally oriented research programme "Managing dangerous situations" which focuses on the interaction between police and civilians in a variety of potentially dangerous conflict situations. He is responsible for teaching of crowd management at bachelor and master levels.

Arnhemseweg 348
7334 AC

Email: otto.adang@politieacademie.nl
Web: http://www.policestudies.net


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