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Heiko Rauhut

Heiko Rauhut is a Post-Doc researcher at the ETH Zurich, Chair of Sociology, in particular of Modeling and Simulation. His research interests include the emergence of social norms, the effects of punishment, crime and control, quantitative social research methods, rational choice theory, and empirical tests of game theoretic models. His current peer-reviewed publications deal with game theoretic lab experiments on punishment effects "Rationality & Society'' (2009), with the measurement of social norms, "MDA --- Methoden, Daten, Analysen'' (2008), with incentive effects for social control, "Zeitschrift fur Soziologie'' (2008), and with voting behavior as a measure for expressing punishment of governmental politics, "Zeitschrift fur Parlamentsfragen'' (2008).

ETH Zurich
Chair of Sociology
in particular of Modeling and Simulation
UNO C15, Universitaetstrasse 41 8092 Zurich

Email: rauhut@gess.ethz.ch
Web: http://www.soms.ethz.ch

Marcel Junker

Marcel Junker studies Applied Systems Science at the University of Osnabrueck, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. His main research interests are ecological modeling and systems biology, but he is also interested in the modeling and simulation of effects and interactions emerging in social contexts.

University of Osnabrueck
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Albrechtstrasse 28a
49069 Osnabrueck

Email: mjunker@uos.de


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