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Floriana Gargiulo

Born in 1977 in Torino, Italy. Graduated in Physics at Torino University in 2001. PhD in Torino in Theoretical High Energy physics in the group of Prof. Pietro Frè and then Post-doc in Torino Politecnico with Prof Riccardo D'Auria. Since 2007 collaborating with the group of Complex Network headed by Prof A. Vespignani at the Institute for Scientific Interchange in Torino and currently Post-doc in the same group.

Viale S. Severo 65 - Torino

Email: gargiulo@isi.it

Alberto Mazzoni

Born in 1978 in Firenze, Italy. Graduated in Theoretical Physics at Pisa University. PhD in Neurobiology at the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste in the lab of Prof. Vincent Torre with a thesis on spontaneous activity and behavior in invertebrates. Currently Junior researcher of the Institute for Scientific Interchange in Torino in the Computational Neuroscience Division headed by Nicolas Brunel, working on models of gamma oscillations in the visual cortex.

Viale S. Severo 65

Email: mazzoni@isi.it


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