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Oswaldo Terán

Oswaldo Terán is a lecturer and researcher at the Operations Research Department, University of Los Andes, Venezuela. He is also a member of the Centro de Simulacion y Modelos (CESIMO: Center for Simulation and Modeling) of this University. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computational Modelling at the Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester Metropolitan University, in 2001. He became a Systems Engineer at the Universidad de Los Andes in January 1992.

Centro de Simulación y Modelos (CESIMO)
Departamento de Investigación de Operaciones
Universidad de Los Andes
Mérida Venezuela

Email: oteran@ula.ve
Web: http://cfpm/~oswaldo/

Johanna Alvarez

Johanna is a Systems Engineer. She is interested in social simulation and Self-Organised Criticality. She is also interested in models and methods for sowfware development. At presente she is working at FUNDACITE-Mérida, a governmental (of the Science and Technology Minister) organisation for promoting science, information and technology in the Mérida State, in the western of Venezuela.

Fundacite, Av. Arverto Carnevalli
Via La Hechicera
Unidad de Informática

Email: jalvarez@funrmrd.gov.ve
Web: http://www.funrmrd.gov.ve

Magdiel Ablan

Magdiel Ablan is a techear at the University of Los Andes in Mérida, Venezuela. She has Doctoral Studies in Simulation of Forest at the USA. She also been teaching courses releated with Ecological Economics, Statistics, Geographical Information Systems, and Multi-Agent Systems. She has been doing research related with occupation and use change of land in forest reserves, where she has used tools such as Dynamic Systems and Multi-Agent Systems.

CESIMO (Centro de Simulación y Modelos)
Facultad de Ingeniería (La Hechicera)
Universidad de Los Andes

Email: mablan@ula.ve
Web: http://webdelprofesor.ula.ve/ingenieria/mablan/

Manuel Jaimes

Manuel Jaimes is a Systems Engineer graduated at the University of Los Andes in Mérida, Venzuela. He has working in modelling and simualtion.


Email: magno_ve@yahoo.com


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