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Volume 6, Issue 1

Referreed articles

Armano Srbljinovic, Drazen Penzar, Petra Rodik and Kruno Kardov
An Agent-Based Model of Ethnic Mobilisation

Diemo Urbig
Attitude Dynamics With Limited Verbalisation Capabilities

Peter Dittrich, Thomas Kron and Wolfgang Banzhaf
On the Scalability of Social Order: Modeling the Problem of Double and Multi Contingency Following Luhmann

Paul Vogt and Hans Coumans
Investigating social interaction strategies for bootstrapping lexicon development


Gero von Randow
When the centre becomes radical
[Translated by Klaus G. Troitzsch from Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung , 10 November 2002, No. 45, p. 63, and from Courier International , 12 December 2002, No. 632. ]


G. Deffuant, G. Weisbuch, F. Amblard and T. Faure
Simple is beautiful ... and necessary

Ilan Fischer
Evolutionary Development and Learning: Two Facets of Strategy Generation


Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology
Edited by Kerstin Dautenhahn
Reviewed by Alexis Drogoul

Sociocybernetics: Complexity, Autopoiesis, and Observation of Social Systems
Edited by Felix Geyer and Johannes van der Zouwen
Reviewed by Chris Goldspink

Tools and Techniques for Social Science Simulation
Edited by Ramzi Suleiman, Klaus G. Troitzsch and Nigel Gilbert
Reviewed by Paul E. Johnson

Conflicting Agents: Conflict Management in Multi-Agent Systems
Edited by Catherine Tessier, Laurent Chaudron and Hans-Jürgen Müller
Reviewed by James A. R. Marshall

Strategic Negotiation in Multiagent Environments
By Sarit Kraus
Reviewed by David L. Sallach

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