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Volume 4, Issue 2


Agent-based modelling, game theory and natural resource management issues

Guest editors: François Bousquet, Robert Lifran, Mabel Tidball, Sophie Thoyer, Martine Antona

Editorial introduction

Refereed Articles

Wolfang Balzer, Karl R. Brendel and Solveig Hofmann
Bad Arguments in the Comparison of Game Theory and Simulation in Social Studies

Scott Moss
Game Theory: Limitations and an Alternative

O. Thébaud and B. Locatelli
Modelling the emergence of resource-sharing conventions: an agent-based approach

Jim Doran
Intervening to Achieve Co-operative Ecosystem Management: Towards an Agent Based Model

Olivier Barreteau, François Bousquet, Jean-Marie Attonaty
Role-playing games for opening the black box of multi-agent systems: method and lessons of its application to Senegal River Valley irrigated systems

Sophie Thoyer, Sylvie Morardet, Patrick Rio, Leo Simon, Rachel Goodhue and Gordon Rausser
A Bargaining Model to Simulate Negotiations between Water Users

Bruce Edmonds

S. Thoyer, S. Morardet, P. Rio
A short answer to Bruce Edmonds's commentary

Rosaria Conte and Frank Dignum
From Social Monitoring to Normative Influence

Juliette Rouchier, Martin O'Connor, François Bousquet
The creation of a reputation in an artificial society organised by a gift system

Frédéric Gannon


Pietro Terna
Creating Artificial Worlds: A Note on Sugarscape and Two Comments


Emergent Actors in World Politics: How States and Nations Develop
Lars-Erik Cederman
Reviewed by David Lazer

Modelling and Simulation in the Social Sciences from a Philosophy of Science Point of View
Edited by Rainer Hegselmann, Ulrich Mueller and Klaus G. Troitzsch
Reviewed by Leslie Henrickson

Artificial Life VI: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Artificial Life
Edited by Christoph Adami, Richard K. Belew, Hiroaki Kitano and Charles E. Taylor
Reviewed by Itzhak Benenson

Multi-Agent System: An Introduction to Distributed Artificial Intelligence
Jacques Ferber
Reviewed by Juliette Rouchier

Economic Simulations in Swarm: Agent-Based Modelling and Object Oriented Programming
Edited by Francesco Luna and Benedikt Stefansson
Reviewed by Paul E. Johnson


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