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Volume 3, Issue 3


Refereed Articles

Evelien P.H. Zeggelink, Henk de Vos and Donald Elsas
Reciprocal altruism and group formation: The degree of segmentation of reciprocal altruists who prefer 'old-helping-partners'

Peter Tucker and Isobel Fletcher
Simulating Household Waste Management Behaviours Part 2: Home Composting


Alexander Repenning, Andri Ioannidou and John Zola
AgentSheets: End-User Programmable Simulations

Joaquim Carvalho
Using AgentSheets to teach simulation to undergraduate students


Distributed Artificial Intelligence Meets Machine Learning: Learning in Multi-Agent Environments
Edited by Gerhard Weiss
Reviewed by Paul D. Scott

Modeling Rationality, Morality and Evolution
Edited by Peter A. Danielson
Reviewed by Shepley Orr

Simulation for the Social Scientist
Nigel Gilbert and Klaus G. Troitzsch
Reviewed by Andrea Schertler


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