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Volume 3, Issue1


Refereed Articles

Ian S. Lustick
Agent-based modelling of collective identity: testing constructivist theory

Barry G. Lawson and Steve Park
Asynchronous Time Evolution in an Artificial Society Model


Warren Thorngate
Teaching Social Simulation with Matlab

Dirk Nicolas Wagner
Liberal Order for Software Agents? An economic analysis

Book Reviews

from Visual Thinking International
reviewed by Jeremy Garnett

The Arithmetic of Tax and Social Security Reform: A User's Guide to Microsimulation Methods and Analysis
by Gerry Redmond, Holly Sutherland and Moira Wilson

reviewed by Joakim Hussénius and Peter Ericson

Validation of Simulation Models
edited by Cor van Dijkum, Dorien DeTombe and Etzel van Kuijk

reviewed by Michael Möhring

The Computational Beauty of Nature: Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos, Complex Systems and Adaptation
by Gary William Flake

reviewed by Nigel Gilbert


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