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Volume 2, Issues 3 and 4


Issue 3
Computer Simulation in Anthropology

Guest editor: Dwight W. Read


Refereed Articles

Anne Di Piazza and Erik Pearthree
The spread of the 'Lapita people': a demographic simulation

Douglas R. White
Controlled Simulation of Marriage Systems

Cathy Small
Finding an Invisible History: A Computer Simulation Experiment (in Virtual Polynesia)

Jürgen Klüver and Jörn Schmidt
Topology, Metric and Dynamics of Social Systems

Issue 4

Refereed articles

John Kemp
Spontaneous Change, Unpredictability and Consumption Externalities

Bruce Edmonds
Gossip, Sexual Recombination and the El Farol bar: modelling the emergence of heterogeneity

Peter Tucker and Duncan Smith
Simulating Household Waste Management Behaviour


László Gulyás, Tamás Kozsik and John. B. Corliss
The Multi-Agent Modelling Language and the Model Design Interface

Wolfgang Krischke
Surviving electronically: Socionics simulates social processes
(translated and reprinted from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

Book Reviews

Chaos, Complexity, and Sociology: Myths, Models, and Theories
edited by Raymond A. Eve, Sara Horsfall and Mary E. Lee
reviewed by Alan Dean

Barriers and Bounds to Rationality: Essays on Economic Complexity and Dynamics in Interactive Systems
by Peter S. Albin, Edited by Duncan K. Foley

reviewed by Roger A. McCain

Multi-Agent Rationality: Proceedings of the 8th European Workshop on Modelling Autonomous Agents in a Multi-Agent World, MAAMAW'97
edited by Magnus Boman and Walter Van de Velde

reviewed by Armin Roehrl

Agent Technology: Foundations, Applications and Markets
edited by Nicholas R. Jennings and Michael J. Wooldridge

reviewed by Jaime Simão Sichman and Jomi Fred Hübner

Thought Contagion: How Belief Spreads through Society

A response by Aaron Lynch to a review by Paul Marsden


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