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Volume 1, Issue 4


Refereed Articles

Scott Moss
Critical Incident Management: An Empirically Derived Computational Model

David Hales
An Open Mind is not an Empty Mind: Experiments in the Meta-Noosphere

Rafael H. Bordini, John A. Campbell and Renata Vieira
Extending Ascribed Intensional Ontologies with Taxonomical Relations in Anthropological Descriptions of Multi-Agent Systems


Economic and Social Research Council
Complex and Dynamic Processes

Shai Ophir
Simulating Ideologies

Book Reviews

Emergence: From Chaos to Order
by John H. Holland
reviewed by Tony Curzon Price

Connectionist Models of Social Reasoning and Social Behavior
edited by Stephen J. Read and Lynn C. Miller
reviewed by Deborah Vakas-Duong

Creating Personalities for Synthetic Actors: Towards Autonomous Personality Agents
edited by Robert Trappl and Paolo Petta
reviewed by Rosaria Conte


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