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Volume 1, Issue 2


Refereed Articles

Federico Cecconi and Domenico Parisi
Individual versus social survival strategies

Gérard Weisbuch and Guillemette Duchateau-Nguyen
Societies, cultures and fisheries from a modeling perspective

Jaime Simão Sichman
DEPINT: Dependence-based coalition formation in an open multi-agent scenario

Troy J. Strader, Fu-Ren Lin, Michael J. Shaw
Simulation of Order Fulfillment in Divergent Assembly Supply Chains


Pietro Terna
Simulation tools for social scientists: Building agent-based models with SWARM

Book Reviews

Simulating Social Phenomena
by Rosaria Conte et al. (eds.)
a review essay by Scott Moss

Modélisation et simulation décosystèmes: Des modèles déterministes aux simulations à événements discrets
by Patrick Coquillard and David R. C. Hill
a review by David Servat


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