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Calibration Profile, Model Evaluation

A New Method to Evaluate Simulation Models: The Calibration Profile (CP) Algorithm

Romain Reuillon, Clara Schmitt, Ricardo De Aldama and Jean-Baptiste Mouret
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 18 (1) 12

Kyeywords: Calibration Profile, Model Evaluation
Abstract: Models of social systems generally contain free parameters that cannot be evaluated directly from data. A calibration phase is therefore necessary to assess the capacity of the model to produce the expected dynamics. However, despite the high computational cost of this calibration it doesn't produce a global picture of the relationship between the parameter space and the behaviour space of the model. The Calibration Profile (CP) algorithm is an innovative method extending the concept of automated calibration processes. It computes a profile that depicts the effect of each single parameter on the model behaviour, independently from the others. A 2-dimensional graph is thus produced exposing the impact of the parameter under study on the capacity of the model to produce expected dynamics. The first part of this paper is devoted to the formal description of the CP algorithm. In the second part,we apply it to an agent based geographical model (SimpopLocal). The analysis of the results brings to light novel insights on the model.