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The Blessing of Sexuality: Evolution of Altruism with Mating Preference
By: Tanzhe Tang, Hang Ye, Volume 19 (2)
Abstract: Current simulation practices in artificial societies typically ignore the contribution of sexuality as a driving force for the evolution of prosocial behaviours. As recent researches in biology and genetics argued, sexual attractiveness, via the method of sexual selection, can explain many aspects of the second-order social dilemma. The basic hypothesis is that altruism is a sexually attractive virtue. To introduce the hypothesis into the analysis of human altruism, we employ the concepts of altruistic punishment and the behaviour-based sexual attractiveness to develop a gender-based evolution ...

Indirect Reciprocity with Contagious Reputation in Large-Scale Small-World Networks
By: Markus Neumann, Volume 23 (4)
Abstract: The question of why acts of selflessness occur in a Hobbesian self-help world has fascinated scholars for decades, if not centuries. Utilizing simulations, previous research has shown that altruism can be evolutionarily stable in small-scale societies under a narrow set of circumstances. However, when expanding such models to populations of anything larger than a few hundred people, they generally break down. In this paper, I modify the widely used image-score mechanism to include contagion-based reputation and demonstrate how altruism can survive in populations of up to 20,000. I also find th ...