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An Agent-Based Model of Flood Risk and Insurance
By: Jan Dubbelboer, Igor Nikolic, Katie Jenkins, Jim Hall, Volume 20 (1)
Abstract: Flood risk emerges from the dynamic interaction between natural hazards and human vulnerability. Methods for the quantification of flood risk are well established, but tend to deal with human and economic vulnerability as being static or changing with an exogenously defined trend. In this paper we present an Agent-Based Model (ABM) developed to simulate the dynamical evolution of flood risk and vulnerability, and facilitate an investigation of insurance mechanism in London. The ABM has been developed to firstly allow an analysis of the vulnerability of homeowners to surface water flooding, whi ...

An Agent-Based Model of Rural Households’ Adaptation to Climate Change
By: Atesmachew Hailegiorgis, Andrew Crooks, Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, Volume 21 (4)
Abstract: Future climate change is expected to have greater impacts on societies whose livelihoods rely on subsistence agricultural systems. Adaptation is essential for mitigating adverse effects of climate change, to sustain rural livelihoods and ensure future food security. We present an agent-based model, called OMOLAND-CA, which explores the impact of climate change on the adaptive capacity of rural communities in the South Omo Zone of Ethiopia. The purpose of the model is to answer research questions on the resilience and adaptive capacity of rural households with respect to variations in climate, ...