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Using Qualitative Evidence to Inform the Specification of Agent-Based Models
By: Bruce Edmonds, Volume 18 (1)
Abstract: This is an introduction to the special section of JASSS on the above topic. It argues for the importance of qualitative evidence in social science, and particularly in the specification of agent-based models. It ends by suggesting some criteria for judging methods for using qualitative evidence for this purpose. ...

Simulation for Interpretation: A Methodology for Growing Virtual Cultures
By: Ulf Lotzmann, Martin Neumann, Volume 20 (3)
Abstract: Agent-based social simulation is well-known for generative explanations. Following the theory of thick description we extend the generative paradigm to interpretative research in cultural studies. Using the example of qualitative data about criminal culture, the paper describes a research process that facilitates interpretative research by growing virtual cultures. Relying on qualitative data for the development of agent rules, the research process combines several steps: Qualitative data analysis following the Grounded Theory paradigm enables concept identification, resulting in the developme ...