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Evidence Based and Conceptual Model Driven Approach for Agent-Based Policy Modelling
By: Sabrina Scherer, Maria Wimmer, Ulf Lotzmann, Scott Moss, Daniele Pinotti, Volume 18 (3)
Abstract: Agent-based policy modelling is an application of agent-based social simulation. In this contribution it is applied to strategic policy making in the public sector. Open government principles relevant in this domain demand solutions that trace the origins of modelling decisions from narrative texts (background documents and stakeholder scenarios) through the whole policy modelling process up to the simulation results. With the help of such traces, decisions made on the basis of such simulation results are more transparent and comprehensible. This paper presents a conceptual model-driven approa ...

An Agent-Based Model of Rural Households’ Adaptation to Climate Change
By: Atesmachew Hailegiorgis, Andrew Crooks, Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, Volume 21 (4)
Abstract: Future climate change is expected to have greater impacts on societies whose livelihoods rely on subsistence agricultural systems. Adaptation is essential for mitigating adverse effects of climate change, to sustain rural livelihoods and ensure future food security. We present an agent-based model, called OMOLAND-CA, which explores the impact of climate change on the adaptive capacity of rural communities in the South Omo Zone of Ethiopia. The purpose of the model is to answer research questions on the resilience and adaptive capacity of rural households with respect to variations in climate, ...