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The Results of Meadows and Cliff Are Wrong Because They Compute Indicator y Before Model Convergence
By: Guillaume Deffuant, Gérard Weisbuch, Frederic Amblard, Thierry Faure, Volume 16 (1)
Abstract: Meadows and Cliff (2012) failed to replicate the results of Deffuant et al. (2002) and concluded that our paper was wrong. In this note, we show that the conclusions of Meadows and Cliff are due to a wrong computation of indicator y, which was not fully specified in our 2002 paper. In particular, Meadows and Cliff compute indicator y before model convergence whereas this indicator should be computed after model convergence. ...

Bounded Confidence Model with Fixed Uncertainties and Extremists: The Opinions Can Keep Fluctuating Indefinitely
By: Jean-Denis Mathias, Sylvie Huet, Guillaume Deffuant, Volume 19 (1)
Abstract: The bounded confidence model and its variants applied to moderate and extremist agents exhibit three types of attractors: central clusters, double extreme and single extreme clusters. These attractors are observed when the models include a dynamics on the uncertainties tending to decrease the moderate uncertainties when interacting with extremists. We show here that a new stationary state appears when the uncertainties are fixed, for large uncertainties of the moderates. In this stationary state, the opinions of moderate agents keep fluctuating without clustering, altogether forming a stable d ...

Experiments with a Model of Domestic Energy Demand
By: Nicholas M. Gotts, Gary Polhill, Volume 20 (3)
Abstract: The CEDSS-3.4 agent-based model of domestic energy demand at community level is described. CEDSS (Community Energy Demand Social Simulator) is focused on household decisions (the model’s agents are households) to buy energy-using appliances, heating systems, and insulation, over the period from 2000 to 2049. Its empirical basis is a survey of households in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, Scotland, carried out in 2010, combined with publicly available data on household finances and equipment, and energy prices. CEDSS-3.4 emphasises mechanisms concerning value-strength dynamics and goal selection ...