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Learning Dilemmas in a Social-Ecological System: An Agent-Based Modeling Exploration
By: Erin Bohensky, Volume 17 (1)
Abstract: The process of learning in social-ecological systems is an emerging area of research, but little attention has been given to how social and ecological interactions motivate or inhibit learning. This is highly relevant to the South African water sector, where a major policy transition is occurring that provides local water users and managers with new opportunities to engage in adaptive learning about how to balance human and ecological needs for water. In this paper, an agent-based model is used to explore potential ‘learning dilemmas,’ or barriers to learning in the South African water sec ...

Individual Bias and Organizational Objectivity: An Agent-Based Simulation
By: Bo Xu, Renjing Liu, Weijiao Liu, Volume 17 (2)
Abstract: We introduce individual bias to the simulation model of exploration and exploitation and examine the joint effects of individual bias and other parameters, aiming to answer two questions: First, whether reducing individual bias can increase organizational objectivity? Second, whether measures, such as increasing organization size, can increase organizational objectivity in the presence of individual bias? Our results show that individual bias has both positive and negative effects, and reducing individual bias may be not beneficial when organization size is large or environment is turbulent. D ...