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Volume 9, Issue 1

January 2006

Refereed articles

Cultural Transmission Between and Within Generations
   Alberto Acerbi and Domenico Parisi

The Emergence of Symbiotic Groups Resulting from Skill-Differentiation and Tags
   Bruce Edmonds

Mass Media and Polarisation Processes in the Bounded Confidence Model of Opinion Dynamics
   Gary Mckeown and Noel Sheehy

A Continuous Opinion Dynamics Model Based on the Principle of Meta-Contrast
   Laurent Salzarulo

Deception and Convergence of Opinions Part 2: the Effects of Reproducibility
   Victor Palmer

Consensus Strikes Back in the Hegselmann-Krause Model of Continuous Opinion Dynamics Under Bounded Confidence
   Jan Lorenz

Uncertainty and Cooperation: Analytical Results and a Simulated Agent Society
   Peter Andras, John Lazarus, Gilbert Roberts and Steven J Lynden

Simulating the Emergence of Task Rotation
   Kees Zoethout, Wander Jager and Eric Molleman

The AtollGame Experience: from Knowledge Engineering to a Computer-Assisted Role Playing Game
   Anne Dray, Pascal Perez, Natalie Jones, Christophe Le Page, Patrick D'Aquino, Ian White and Titeem Auatabu

The Viability of Cooperation Based on Interpersonal Commitment
   István Back and Andreas Flache

Introduction to the Special Section on Reputation in Agent Societies
   Mario Paolucci and Jordi Sabater

Evolution of Cooperation when Feedback to Reputation Scores is Voluntary
   Marco Janssen

On the Simulation of Global Reputation Systems
   Andreas Schlosser, Marco Voss and Lars Brückner


Dialogues Concerning a (Possibly) New Science
   Guillaume Deffuant, Scott Moss and Wander Jager

An Agent-Based Spatially Explicit Epidemiological Model in MASON
   Jill Bigley Dunham

A Common Protocol for Agent-Based Social Simulation
   Matteo Richiardi, Roberto Leombruni, Nicole Saam and Michele Sonnessa

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