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Volume 8, Issue 4

October 2005

Refereed articles

How Can Social Networks Ever Become Complex? Modelling the Emergence of Complex Networks from Local Social Exchanges
Josep M. Pujol, Andreas Flache, Jordi Delgado and Ramon SangŁesa

Violence and Revenge in Egalitarian Societies
Stephen Younger

Influence of Local Information on Social Simulations in Small-World Network Models
Chung-Yuan Huang, Chuen-Tsai Sun and Hsun-Cheng Lin

It Pays to Be Popular: a Study of Civilian Assistance and Guerilla Warfare
Scott Wheeler

Epistemological Perspectives on Simulation

Ulrich Frank and Klaus G. Troitzsch

Towards Good Social Science
Scott Moss and Bruce Edmonds

A Framework for Epistemological Perspectives on Simulation
Joerg Becker, Bjoern Niehaves and Karsten Klose

What is the Truth of Simulation?
Alex Schmid

The Logic of the Method of Agent-Based Simulation in the Social Sciences: Empirical and Intentional Adequacy of Computer Programs
Nuno David, Jaime Sim„o Sichman and Helder Coelho

Validation of Simulation: Patterns in the Social and Natural Sciences
GŁnter KŁppers and Johannes Lenhard

Stylised Facts and the Contribution of Simulation to the Economic Analysis of Budgeting
Bernd-O. Heine, Matthias Meyer and Oliver Strangfeld

Does Empirical Embeddedness Matter? Methodological Issues on Agent-Based Models for Analytical Social Science
Riccardo Boero and Flaminio Squazzoni

CaffŤ Nero: the Evaluation of Social Simulation
Petra Ahrweiler and Nigel Gilbert


Routines of Decision Making
Betsch, Tilmann and Haberstroh, Susanne (eds.)
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe




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