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Volume 8, Issue 2

March 2005

Refereed articles

Anticipatory Systems and the Processing of Meaning: a Simulation Study Inspired by Luhmann's Theory of Social Systems
   Loet Leydesdorff

A Model for a Simple Luhmann Economy
   Anselm Fleischmann

Integrated Description and Qualitative Simulation Method for Group Behavior
   Hu Bin and Xia Gongcheng

Deception and Convergence of Opinions
   André C. R. Martins

Reciprocity, Sanctions, and the Development of Mutual Obligation in Egalitarian Societies
   Stephen Younger

Increasing Learner Retention in a Simulated Learning Network Using Indirect Social Interaction
   Rob Koper

Simulating the Conflict Between Reputation and Profitability for Online Rating Portals
   Boris Galitsky and Mark Levene


Lessons Learned from Converting the Artificial Stock Market to Interval Arithmetic
   Gary Polhill and Luis Izquierdo

Technical Note: Evaluating Java Development Kits for Agent-Based Modeling
   Nils B. Weidmann and Luc Girardin


Complexity and Ecosystem Management: the Theory and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems
Janssen, Marco A. (ed.)
Reviewed by Pietro Terna

Multi-Agent Systems and Applications
Luck, M., Marik, M., Stepankova, O. and Trappl, R.
Reviewed by Julia Frolova

Distributed Constraint Satisfaction: Foundations of Cooperation in Multi-Agent Systems
Yokoo, Makoto
Reviewed by David L. Sallach

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