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Volume 8, Issue 1

Refereed articles

SISTER: a Symbolic Interactionist Simulation of Trade and Emergent Roles
Deborah Vakas Duong and John Grefenstette

Agents in Living Color: Towards Emic Agent-Based Models
Michael Agar

The Ghost in the Model (and Other Effects of Floating Point Arithmetic)
Gary Polhill, Luis Izquierdo and Nick Gotts

Emerging communication and cooperation in evolving agent societies
P.C. Buzing, A.E. Eiben and M.C. Schut

The Human Science of Simulation: a Robust Hermeneutics for Artificial Societies
Michael Drennan

Simulating the Emergence of New Religious Movements
M. Afzal Upal


Social Order in Multiagent Systems
Conte, Rosaria and Dellarocas, Chrysanthos (eds.)
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Conceptual Modelling of Multi-Agent Systems: the Comomas Engineering Environment
Glaser, Norbert
Reviewed by Victor Korobitsin

Creating Internet Intelligence: Wild Computing, Distributed Digital Consciousness, and the Emerging Global Brain
Goertzel, Ben
Reviewed by Carl Henning Reschke

Discrete Event Modeling and Simulation Technologies: a Tapestry of Systems and A. I. Based Theories and Methodologies
Sarjoughian, Hessam S. and Cellier, Francois E. (eds.)
Reviewed by Jeremy Garnett

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