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Volume 7, Issue 3

Refereed articles

VIR-POX: An Agent-Based Analysis of Smallpox Preparedness and Response Policy
   Benjamin M. Eidelson and Ian Lustick

The Structure and Logic of Interdisciplinary Research in Agent-Based Social Simulation
   Nuno David, Maria Bruno Marietto, Jaime Simão Sichman and Helder Coelho

From Classroom Experiments to Computer Code
   Arianna Dal Forno and Ugo Merlone

ALEX3: a Simulation Program to Compare Electoral Systems
   Marie-Edith Bissey, Mauro Carini and Guido Ortona

Simulating Organizational Decision-Making Using a Cognitively Realistic Agent Model
   Ron Sun and Isaac Naveh

Case-Based Reasoning, Social Dilemmas, and a New Equilibrium Concept
   Luis Izquierdo, Nick Gotts and Gary Polhill

Discretized Opinion Dynamics of the Deffuant Model on Scale-Free Networks
   Dietrich Stauffer, Adriano Sousa and Christian Schulze


Reputation in Artificial Societies: Social Beliefs for Social Order
Conte, Rosaria and Paolucci, Mario
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

An Introduction to Multi-Agent Systems
Wooldridge, Michael
Reviewed by Duncan A. Robertson

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