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Volume 7, Issue 2

Refereed articles

Simulation of The Dynamic Interactions Between Terror and Anti-Terror Organizational Structures
   Stanislaw Raczynski

When and Why Does Haggling Occur? Some Suggestions from a Qualitative but Computational Simulation of Negotiation
   Bruce Edmonds and David Hales

Seeking Equilibrium Leads to Chaos: Multiple Equilibria Regulation Model
   Ioannis D Katerelos and Andreas Koulouris

Applied Evolutionary Economics and Social Simulation

   edited by Andreas Pyka and Petra Ahrweiler

Applied Evolutionary Economics and Social Simulation
   Andreas Pyka and Petra Ahrweiler

Modelling Learning and R&D in Innovative Environments: a Cognitive Multi-Agent Approach
   Javier Pajares, Cesáreo Hernández-Iglesias and Adolfo López-Paredes

Knowledge Creation Facing Hierarchy: The Dynamics of Groups Inside The Firm
   Nathalie Lazaric and Alain Raybaut

Small World Dynamics and The Process of Knowledge Diffusion: The Case of The Metropolitan Area of Greater Santiago De Chile
   Piergiuseppe Morone and Richard Taylor

Adoption and Use of Electronic Markets: Individual and Collective Learning
   Eric Darmon and Dominique Torre

Micro Behavioural Attitudes and Macro Technological Adaptation in Industrial Districts: an Agent-Based Prototype
   Riccardo Boero, Marco Castellani and Flaminio Squazzoni


Spatial Evolutionary Modelling
Krzanowski, Roman and Raper, Jonathan (eds.)
Reviewed by Steven M. Manson

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