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Bruce Edmonds

Brice Edmonds is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Policy Modelling (CPM) at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

Centre for Policy Modelling
Manchester Metropolitan University
Aytoun Bldg.
Aytoun St.

Email: b.edmonds@MMU.AC.UK
Web: http://bruce.edmonds.name

David Hales

David Hales is a Post-doctoral Researcher at the University of Bologna in the Dept. of Computer Science. He writes:

My background is Computer Science (CS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) but I have spent a lot of time with Sociologists, Philosophers and even lapsed Economists doing simulations. Why do I mention this? I suppose I am trying to indicate that I don't approach CS or AI in the "traditional way" and I am not occupied with (what have become) the "traditional techniques" of these disciplines. Future software systems will be more like biological living entities. Our, often crude, centralized, mechanical analogies and patterns in software design are holding back progress. Social Simulation is a good way to start to understand some of the self-organising principles required. One of my on-going obsessions is the use of "tags" to self-organise evolutionary processes of group-like selection in populations of evolving agents. I am currently trying to apply such techniques to models of P2P overlay networks. More information on my webpage: http://www.davidhales.com

Centre for Policy Modelling
Manchester Metropolitan University
Aytoun Building
Aytoun Street
Manchester M1 3GH

Email: dave@davidhales.com


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