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Volume 6, Issue 3

Refereed articles

Stephen M. Younger
Discrete Agent Simulations of the Effect of Simple Social Structures on the Benefits of Resource Sharing

Zhigang Wang and Warren Thorngate
Sentiment and social mitosis: Implications of Heider's Balance Theory

Hiroshi Takahashi and Takao Terano
Agent-Based Approach to Investors' Behavior and Asset Price Fluctuation in Financial Markets

Massimo Sapienza
Do Real Options perform better than Net Present Value? Testing in an artificial financial market

Role-Playing Games, Models and Negotiation Processes: part II

Patrick D'Aquino, Christophe Le Page, François Bousquet and Alassane Bah
Using Self-Designed Role-Playing Games and a Multi-Agent System to Empower a Local Decision-Making Process for Land Use Management: The SelfCormas Experiment in Senegal

William's Daré and Olivier Barreteau
A role-playing game in irrigated system negotiation: between play and reality

M. Duijn, L.H. Immers, F.A. Waaldijk and H.J. Stoelhorst
Gaming Approach Route 26: a combination of computer simulation, design tools and social interaction


Michael Agar
My Kingdom for a Function: Modeling Misadventures of the Innumerate

K K Fung and Shekhar Vemuri
The significance of initial conditions in simulations


Learning SIMUL8: The Complete Guide (and SIMUL8 Version 6)
Jaret Hauge and Kerrie Paige
Reviewed by László Gulyás

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