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Paul Vogt recieved his M.Sc. degree in Cognitive Science and Engineering at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands in 1997 (supervisors Dr. Petra Hendriks and Prof. Dr. Luc Steels). He obtained his Ph.D. in November 2000 at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium (supervisor Prof. Dr. Luc Steels). In his thesis, entitled ‘Lexicon grounding on mobile robots,’ he investigated how a small group of LEGO robots could develop a communication system from scratch for which the symbols were grounded in the robots’ environment. Until November 2002 he was a postdoc researcher with the Institute for Knowledge and Agent Technology at the Universiteit Maastricht, the Netherlands. From February 2003 he will be a Visiting Research Fellow at the Language Evolution and Computation Unit at the University of Edinburgh. His main research interests are in symbol grounding, language evolution and robotics.

IKAT - Universiteit Maastricht
P. O. Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands

email: p.vogt@cs.unimaas.nl
web: http://www.cs.unimaas.nl/p.vogt

Hans Coumans did a higher vocational training for teacher in mathematics (Fontys Hogeschool, Sittard, the Netherlands) and a follow-up study knowledge engineering, with specialization in Artificial Intelligence at the Universiteit Maastricht, the Netherlands. For his thesis (supervised by Paul Vogt) he investigated the impact of contextual cues on lexicon formation, of which some results are published in this paper. At the moment he is active at Unilogic in teaching computer networks to teachers in primary education.

Unilogic B.V.
Bergerweg 110
6135 KD Sittard
The Netherlands

email: h.coumans@unilogic.nl
web: http://www.unilogic.nl

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