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Rosaria Conte is a cognitive scientist. She is head of the Division of AI, Cognitive and Interaction Modelling at the Institute of Psychology of the Italian National Research Council, and teaches Social Psychology at the University of Siena. She is quite active in the field of Multi Agent Systems and Agent-Based Social Simulation. She contributes especially to integrating the fields of agent systems and social simulation. Her research fields of interest range from agent theory and architecture to multi-agent systems, and from game-theory to cultural evolution and social simulation.

Division "AI, Cognitive and Interaction Modelling"
National Research Council
Institute of Psychology
V.LE Marx 15
00137 Roma

email: conte@ip.rm.cnr.it
web: http://www.ip.rm.cnr.it/iamci

Frank Dignum got his Ph.D. in 1989 from the Free University of Amsterdam. After this he set up the Computer Science department of the University of Swaziland. After one year in the AI department of the Technical University of Lisbon, he worked at the Eindhoven University of Technology as assistant professor. Since September 2000, he has been working as associate professor in the Intelligent Systems group in Utrecht University. His main interests lie in the area of formal modelling of communication and social relations. The use of several modal logics is of prime importance in this research. The results are applied in the area of electronic commerce and agent communications.

Utrecht University
The Netherlands

e-mail: dignum@cs.uu.nl
web: http://www.cs.uu.nl/people/dignum/

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