Volume 24, Issue 2

Published on 31 March 2021


Modeling COVID-19 for Lifting Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
   Matthew Koehler, David M Slater, Garry Jacyna and James R Thompson

Where Does Theory Have It Right? A Comparison of Theory-Driven and Empirical Agent Based Models
   Firouzeh Taghikhah, Tatiana Filatova and Alexey Voinov

Can Ethnic Tolerance Curb Self-Reinforcing School Segregation? A Theoretical Agent Based Model
   Lucas Sage and Andreas Flache

Dynamics of Public Opinion: Diverse Media and Audiences’ Choices
   Zhongtian Chen and Hanlin Lan

The Use of Surrogate Models to Analyse Agent-Based Models
   Guus ten Broeke, George van Voorn, Arend Ligtenberg and Jaap Molenaar

No Free Lunch when Estimating Simulation Parameters
   Ernesto Carrella

An Agent Based Model of a Thinly Traded Land Market in an Urbanizing Region
   Yong Chen, Elena Irwin, Ciriyam Jayaprakash and Kyoung Jin Park

Introducing the Argumentation Framework Within Agent-Based Models to Better Simulate Agents' Cognition in Opinion Dynamics: Application to Vegetarian Diet Diffusion
   Patrick Taillandier, Nicolas Salliou and Rallou Thomopoulos

Generating a Two-Layered Synthetic Population for French Municipalities: Results and Evaluation of Four Synthetic Reconstruction Methods
   Boyam Fabrice Yameogo, Pierre-Olivier Vandanjon, Pascal Gastineau and Pierre Hankach

Book Reviews

Complexity Economics: Proceedings of the Santa Fe Institute's 2019 Fall Symposium (Dialogues of the Applied Complexity Network)
Arthur, W. Brian, Beinhocker, Eric D. & Stanger Allison (Eds.)
Reviewed by Pietro Terna

Computer Simulation Validation. Fundamental Concepts, Methodological Frameworks, and Philosophical Perspectives
Beisbart, Claus & Saam, Nicole J. (Eds.)
Reviewed by Martin Neumann