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Volume 21, Issue 3

June 2018

Refereed articles

Countries as Agents in a Global-Scale Computational Model
   Harold J. Walbert, James L. Caton and Julia R. Norgaard

Networks, Percolation, and Consumer Demand
   Paolo Zeppini and Koen Frenken

Generating Synthetic Bitcoin Transactions and Predicting Market Price Movement Via Inverse Reinforcement Learning and Agent-Based Modeling
   Kamwoo Lee, Sinan Ulkuatam, Peter Beling and William Scherer

Agent-Based Models of Gender Inequalities in Career Progression
   John Bullinaria

Agent-Based Modelling of Viticulture Development in Emerging Markets: The Case of the Małopolska Region
   Marcin Czupryna, Paweł Oleksy, Piotr Przybek and Bogumił Kamiński

An Agent-Based Model of Residential Energy Efficiency Adoption
   Magnus Moglia, Aneta Podkalicka and James McGregor

How to Relate Models to Reality? An Epistemological Framework for the Validation and Verification of Computational Models
   Claudius Graebner

Mamdani Fuzzy Systems for Modelling and Simulation: A Critical Assessment
   Segismundo S. Izquierdo and Luis R. Izquierdo

Streamlining Simulation Experiments with Agent-Based Models in Demography
   Oliver Reinhardt, Jason Hilton, Tom Warnke, Jakub Bijak and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher


Non-Equilibrium Social Science and Policy
Johnson Jeffrey, Nowak Andrzej, Ormerod Paul, Rosewell Bridget, Zhang Yi-Cheng
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Advances in Computational Social Science: The Fourth World Congress (Agent-Based Social Systems)
Chen Shu-Heng, Terano Takao, Yamamoto Ryuichi, Tai Chung-Ching
Reviewed by Martina Dünser

Endogenous Innovation
Cristiano Antonelli
Reviewed by Paola D'Orazio


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