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Volume 21, Issue 2

March 2018

Refereed articles

An Agent-Based Model of Discourse Pattern Formation in Small Groups of Competing and Cooperating Members
   Ismo T. Koponen and Maija Nousiainen

Emergence of Task Formation in Organizations: Balancing Units' Competence and Capacity
   Friederike Wall

Model of Knowledge Transfer Within an Organisation
   Agnieszka Kowalska-Styczeń, Krzysztof Malarz and Kamil Paradowski

Emotion Modeling in Social Simulation: A Survey
   Mathieu Bourgais, Patrick Taillandier, Laurent Vercouter and Carole Adam

PyNetLogo: Linking NetLogo with Python
   Marc Jaxa-Rozen and Jan H. Kwakkel

Simulating the Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Crop Varietal Diversity in Mali (West-Africa) Using Agent-Based Modeling Approach
   Mahamadou Belem, Didier Bazile and Harouna Coulibaly

Simulation of the Governance of Complex Systems (SimCo): Basic Concepts and Experiments on Urban Transportation
   Fabian Adelt, Johannes Weyer, Sebastian Hoffmann and Andreas Ihrig

The Thin Blue Line Between Protesters and Their Counter-Protesters
   Tamsin E. Lee

Evolution of Government’s Performance Through Yardstick Competition in the Spatial Game of Gubernatorial Elections
   Tanzhe Tang and Ke Zeng

ODD+2D: An ODD Based Protocol for Mapping Data to Empirical ABMs
   Ahmed Laatabi, Nicolas Marilleau, Tri Nguyen-Huu, Hassan Hbid and Mohamed Ait Babram

Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Perishable Product in a Competitive Multi-Agent Retailers Market
   Wenchong Chen, Hongwei Liu and Dan Xu


Agent-Based Modelling in Population Studies: Concepts, Methods, and Applications (the Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis)
André Grow, Jan van Bavel
Reviewed by Tilman Schenk

Individuality and Entanglement: The Moral and Material Bases of Social Life
Gintis, Herbert
Reviewed by Ozge Dilaver

Handbook of Computational Social Choice
Brandt Felix, Vincent Conitzer, Ulle Endriss, Jerome Lang, Ariel Procaccia
Reviewed by Roman Seidl

Agent-Based Spatial Simulation with NetLogo Volume 1
Banos, Arnaud, Lang, Christophe and Marilleau, Nicolas
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Global Dynamics: Approaches from Complexity Science (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Wilson, Alan (ed.)
Reviewed by Nicholas M. Gotts


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