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Volume 20, Issue 2

March 2017

Refereed articles

How, when and where can Spatial Segregation Induce Opinion Polarization? Two Competing Models
   Thomas Feliciani, Andreas Flache and Jochem Tolsma

Social Dynamics of Littering and Adaptive Cleaning Strategies Explored Using Agent-Based Modelling
   Ruggero Rangoni and Wander Jager

Utility, Impact, Fashion and Lobbying: An Agent-Based Model of the Funding and Epistemic Landscape of Research
   Pawel Sobkowicz

A Game Theory Model for Manipulation Based on Machiavellianism: Moral and Ethical Behavior
   Julio B. Clempner

Agent-Based Modelling Approach for Multidimensional Opinion Polarization in Collective Behaviour
   Jin Li and Renbin Xiao

Product Diffusion Using Advance Selling Strategies: An Online Social Network Perspective
   Peng Shao and Ping Hu

Calibrating with Multiple Criteria: A Demonstration of Dominance
   Jennifer Badham, Chipp Jansen, Nigel Shardlow and Thomas French

Special section: The past, present and future of social simulation: prospects and challenges (issue in honour of Rosaria Conte (Part II)

Agent-Based Modelling of Social-Ecological Systems: Achievements, Challenges, and a Way Forward
   Jule Schulze, Birgit Müller, Jürgen Groeneveld and Volker Grimm

Special section: Artificial Economics Conference 2015 (guest editors: Tim Verwaart and Pedro Campos) (Part II)


Simulating Prehistoric and Ancient Worlds (Computational Social Sciences)
Barceló, Juan A. and Castillo, Florencia Del (eds.)
Reviewed by Stefani Crabtree

Political Attitudes: Computational and Simulation Modeling (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Voinea, Camelia F.
Reviewed by Andreas Koch


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