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Volume 20, Issue 1

January 2017

Refereed articles

Recent Development of Social Simulation as Reflected in JASSS Between 2008 and 2014: A Citation and Co-Citation Analysis
   Jonas Hauke, Iris Lorscheid and Matthias Meyer

A Psychologically-Motivated Model of Opinion Change with Applications to American Politics
   Peter Duggins

An Agent-Based Model of Flood Risk and Insurance
   Jan Dubbelboer, Igor Nikolic, Katie Jenkins and Jim Hall

An Agent-Based Model of Electricity Consumer: Smart Metering Policy Implications in Europe
   Julija Vasiljevska, Jochem Douw, Anna Mengolini and Igor Nikolic

Improving Execution Speed of Models Implemented in NetLogo
   Steven Railsback, Daniel Ayllón, Uta Berger, Volker Grimm, Steven Lytinen, Colin Sheppard and Jan Thiele

The Practice of Archiving Model Code of Agent-Based Models
   Marco A. Janssen

Augmenting Bottom-up Metamodels with Predicates
   Ross Gore, Saikou Diallo, Christopher Lynch and Jose Padilla

Axiomatic Theory and Simulation: A Philosophy of Science Perspective on Schelling's Segregation Model
   Klaus G. Troitzsch

Macroeconomic Policy in DSGE and Agent-Based Models Redux: New Developments and Challenges Ahead
   Giorgio Fagiolo and Andrea Roventini

How Social Unrest Started Innovations in a Food Supply Chain
   Jan Buurma, Wil Hennen and Tim Verwaart

From Micro Behaviors to Macro Dynamics: An Agent-Based Economic Model with Consumer Credit
   Paola D'Orazio and Gianfranco Giulioni

The Coconut Model with Heterogeneous Strategies and Learning
   Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich

An Agent Based Model for a Double Auction with Convex Incentives
   Annalisa Fabretti and Stefano Herzel



Anatomy of the Mind: Exploring Psychological Mechanisms and Processes with the Clarion Cognitive Architecture (Oxford Series on Cognitive Models and Architectures)
Sun, Ron
Reviewed by Benoit Lemaire

Behavioral Computational Social Science (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Boero, Riccardo
Reviewed by Friederike Wall

A Spatial Agent-Based Simulation Modeling in Public Health: Design, Implementation, and Applications for Malaria Epidemiology (Wiley Series in Modeling and Simulation)
Arifin, S. M. Niaz, Madey, Gregory R. and Collins, Frank H.
Reviewed by Rainer Hilscher

Realistic Simulation of Financial Markets: Analyzing Market Behaviors by the Third Mode of Science (Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science)
Kita, Hajime, Taniguchi, Kazuhisa and Nakajima, Yoshihiro (eds.)
Reviewed by Sandrine Jacob-Leal

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation (OR Essentials)
Taylor, Simon (ed.)
Reviewed by Duncan A. Robertson


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