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Cathy A. Small is a cultural anthropologist, with a Ph.D. from Temple University, and currently a Professor of Anthropology at Northern Arizona University. Her ethnographic work, including her book "Voyages" (1987, Cornell University Press) about Tongan islander immigration to the U.S., has focused on understanding long-term social change. With support from the National Science Foundation (U.S.), her recent body of work has focused on combining ethnographic approaches to social change with computer simulation. Her interest is in representing and simulating social dynamics in order to better understand the rise and fall of social institutions, the long-term implications of social structures, and ultimately the processes by which culture changes.

Department of Anthropology
Northern Arizona University
Box 15200
Flagstaff, AZ, U.S.A. 86011

Tel:+1 (520) 523-1090
Fax: +1 (520) 523-9135

email: cathy.small@nau.edu

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