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Volume 2, Issue 2


Refereed Articles

José Castro Caldas and Helder Coelho
The Origin of Institutions: socio-economic processes, choice, norms and conventions

Marco Janssen and Wander Jager
An integrated approach to simulating behavioural processes: A case study of the lock-in of consumption patterns

Gérard Ballot and Erol Taymaz
Technological change, learning and macro-economic coordination: An evolutionary model


Elke Mentges
Concepts for an agent-based framework for interdisciplinary social science simulation

Book Reviews

Complexity and Postmodernism
by Paul Cilliers

reviewed by David Byrne

The Meme Machine
by Susan Blackmore

reviewed by Liane Gabora

Neural Networks for Economic and Financial Modelling
by Andrea Beltratti, Sergio Margarita and Pietro Terna

reviewed by Robert Marks

Thought Contagion: How Belief Spreads through Society
by Aaron Lynch

reviewed by Paul Marsden


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