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Volume 19, Issue 4

October 2016

Refereed articles

Robust Clustering in Generalized Bounded Confidence Models
   Takasumi Kurahashi-Nakamura, Michael Mäs and Jan Lorenz

From Beliefs to Attitudes: Polias, a Model of Attitude Dynamics Based on Cognitive Modeling and Field Data
   Kei-Leo Brousmiche, Jean-Daniel Kant, Nicolas Sabouret and François Prenot-Guinard

The Interplay Between Conformity and Anticonformity and its Polarizing Effect on Society
   Patryk Siedlecki, Janusz Szwabiński and Tomasz Weron

From Consumer Decision to Market Share – Unanimity of Majority?
   Agnieszka Kowalska-Styczeń and Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron

Dynamics of Uncertain Opinion Formation: An Agent-Based Simulation
   Haiming Liang, Yucheng Dong and Congcong Li

The Extortion Relationship: A Computational Analysis
   Corinna Elsenbroich and Jennifer Badham

Exploring an Effective Incentive System on a Groupware
   Fujio Toriumi, Hitoshi Yamamoto and Isamu Okada

A Heuristic Combinatorial Optimisation Approach to Synthesising a Population for Agent Based Modelling Purposes
   Nam Huynh, Johan Barthelemy and Pascal Perez

Modeling Spatial Contacts for Epidemic Prediction in a Large-Scale Artificial City
   Mingxin Zhang, Alexander Verbraeck, Rongqing Meng, Bin Chen and Xiaogang Qiu

A Simple Agent-Based Spatial Model of the Economy: Tools for Policy
   Bernardo Alves Furtado and Isaque Daniel Rocha Eberhardt

Simulation of Technology Sourcing Overseas Post-Merger Behaviors in a Global Game Model
   Feiqiong Chen, Qiaoshuang Meng and Fei Li

Agent-Based Simulation to Inform Planning Strategies for Welfare Facilities for the Elderly: Day Care Center Development in a Japanese City
   Yan Ma, Zhenjiang Shen and Dinh Thanh Nguyen

Ontology Based Business Simulations
   Thomas Farrenkopf, Michael Guckert, Neil Urquhart and Simon Wells


Ontology Based Business Simulations
   Thomas Farrenkopf, Michael Guckert, Neil Urquhart and Simon Wells


Conflict and Complexity: Countering Terrorism, Insurgency, Ethnic and Regional Violence (Understanding Complex Systems)
Fellman, Philip vos, Bar-Yam, Yaneer and Minai, Ali A. (eds.)
Reviewed by Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

Roles, Trust, and Reputation in Social Media Knowledge Markets: Theory and Methods (Computational Social Sciences)
Bertino, Elisa and Matei, Sorin Adam (eds.)
Reviewed by Mario Paolucci

Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Archaeological Computational Modeling (Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology)
Burg, Marieka Brouwer, Peeters, Hans and Lovis, William A. (eds.)
Reviewed by Tom Brughmans and Iza Romanowska

Agent-Based Simulation of Organizational Behavior: New Frontiers of Social Science Research
Secchi, Davide and Neumann, Martin (eds.)
Reviewed by Ted Anagnoson

The Value of Systems and Complexity Sciences for Healthcare
Sturmberg, Joachim P. (ed.)
Reviewed by Brian Castellani

Understanding Complex Urban Systems: Integrating Multidisciplinary Data in Urban Models (Understanding Complex Systems)
Walloth, Christian, Gebetsroither-Geringer, Ernst, Atun, Funda and Werner, Liss C. (eds.)
Reviewed by Andreas Koch


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