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William Rand

William Rand is a an assistant professor of Marketing, Decision, Operations, and Information Technology, and Computer Science at the University of Maryland. He is also the Director of Research for the Center for Complexity in Business. His interests center around the application of complex systems tools, like agent-based modeling, social network analysis, machine learning, and geographic information systems, to a wide variety of domains areas, such as, diffusion of innovation, evolution of cooperation, Web 2.0, and human-environmental interactions. Dr. Rand completed his dissertation in 2005 at the University of Michigan under John Holland and Rick Riolo on the use of genetic algorithms in dynamic environments, and went on to become a postdoctoral fellow at the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO) before his current position. He has presented at conferences worldwide and has significant experience teaching hands-on agent-based modeling.

3457 Van Munching Hall
R. H. Smith School of Business
College Park
United States

Email: wrand@umd.edu
Web: http://www.shakyladder.org

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Jeffrey Herrmann

Jeffrey W. Herrmann is an associate professor at the University of Maryland, where he holds a joint appointment with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Institute for Systems Research. He is the Associate Director of the University of Maryland Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams (QUEST) Honors Fellows Program. He is a member of INFORMS, ASME, IIE, SME, and ASEE. In 2012 he and Gino Lim were the conference chairs for the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference. He was honored as a SHS Diplomate in 2014. Dr. Herrmann earned his B.S. in applied mathematics from Georgia Institute of Technology. As a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow from 1990 to 1993, he received his Ph.D. in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Florida.

University of Maryland
Mechanical Engineering and Institute for Systems Research 2181 Martin Hall
College Park
MD 20742
United States

Email: wh2@umd.edu
Web: http://www.isr.umd.edu/~jwh2/jwh2.html

Brandon Schein

Brandon Schein is a scheduling engineer for large projects at Aegis Construction Consultants. He is currently working on the Silver Line extension of the Washington Metro rapid transit system. Mr. Schein received a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

1010 Wayne Avenue
Suite 200
Silver Spring
MD 20910
United States

Email: scheinb@gmail.com

Neža Vodopivec

Neža Vodopivec is a graduate student in applied math at the University of Maryland. She works with her advisor, Elise Miller-Hooks, on the mathematical optimization problems arising in transportation. She is currently developing scheduling and routing software for ridesharing. She is also interested in emergency preparedness and evacuation.

University of Maryland
Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Program Department of Mathematics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
United States

Email: nvodopivec1@gmail.com
Web: http://www.millerhooks.umd.edu/students/neza_vodopivec.html


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