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Volume 17, Issue 1

January 2014

Refereed articles

From Schelling to Schools: A Comparison of a Model of Residential Segregation with a Model of School Segregation
   Victor Ionut Stoica and Andreas Flache

Aspiration, Attainment and Success: An Agent-Based Model of Distance-Based School Allocation
   James Millington, Tim Butler and Chris Hamnett

Simple Heuristics as Equilibrium Strategies in Mutual Sequential Mate Search
   Ismail Saglam

Modelling Tourism in the Galapagos Islands: An Agent-Based Model Approach
   Francesco Pizzitutti, Carlos F. Mena and Stephen J. Walsh

Evaluating Binary Alignment Methods in Microsimulation Models
   Jinjing Li and Cathal O'Donoghue

Agent-Based Simulation of Pedestrian Behaviour in Closed Spaces: A Museum Case Study
   Alessandro Pluchino, Cesare Garofalo, Giuseppe Inturri, Andrea Rapisarda and Matteo Ignaccolo

Generating Social Practices
   Georg Holtz

Agent-Based Simulation of the Search Behavior in China's Resale Housing Market: Evidence from Beijing
   Hong Zhang and Yang Li

Modeling and Simulation of the Endogenous Dynamics of Housing Market Cycles
   Birnur Özbaş, Onur Özgün and Yaman Barlas

Coupling Environmental and Social Processes to Simulate the Emergence of a Savannah Landscape Mosaic Under Shifting Cultivation and Assess its Sustainability
   Nicolas Becu, Christine Raimond, Eric Garine, Marc Deconchat and Kouami Kokou

Learning Dilemmas in a Social-Ecological System: An Agent-Based Modeling Exploration
   Erin Bohensky

If We Work Together, I Will Have Greater Power: Coalitions in Networked Innovation
   Rory Sie, Peter B. Sloep and Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema

The Production of Step-Level Public Goods in Structured Social Networks: An Agent-Based Simulation
   Francisco José León Medina, Francisco José Miguel Quesada and Vanessa Alcaide Lozano

A Further Step Towards Participatory Modelling. Fostering Stakeholder Involvement in Designing Models by Using Executable UML
   Pierre Bommel, Francisco Dieguez, Danilo Bartaburu, Emilio Duarte, Esteban Montes, Marcelo Pereira Machín, Jorge Corral, Carlos José Pereira de Lucena and Hermes Morales Grosskopf

Modeling the Emergence of Social Structure from a Phylogenetic Point of View
   Ruth Dolado, Francesc S. Beltran and Vicenç Quera

Information Sharing to Reduce Misperceptions of Interactions Among Complementary Projects: A Multi-Agent Approach
   Emmanuel Labarbe and Daniel Thiel

An Agent-Based Model of Public Participation in Sustainability Management
   Robert Aguirre and Timothy Nyerges

Opinion Formation in the Digital Divide
   Dongwon Lim, Hwansoo Lee, Hangjung Zo and Andrew Ciganek



Simulating Social Complexity: A Handbook (Understanding Complex Systems)
Edmonds, Bruce and Meyer, Ruth (eds.)
Reviewed by Michael Mäs

Modelling Norms
Elsenbroich, Corinna and Gilbert, Nigel
Reviewed by Ryan Muldoon

Sociophysics: An Introduction
Sen, Parongama and Chakrabarti, Bikas K.
Reviewed by Klaus G. Troitzsch

Attracted to Conflict: Dynamic Foundations of Destructive Social Relations (Peace Psychology Book Series)
Vallacher, Robin R., Coleman, Peter T., Nowak, Andrzej, Bui-Wrzosinska, Lan, Liebovitch, Larry, Kugler, Katharina and Bartoli, Andrea
Reviewed by Sebastian Schutte

Microeconomics of Interactive Economies: Evolutionary, Institutional, and Complexity Perspectives
Elsner, Wolfram
Reviewed by Matthias Meyer

Cognition Beyond the Brain: Computation, Interactivity and Human Artifice
Cowley, Stephen J. and Vallée-Tourangeau, Frédéric (eds.)
Reviewed by Emma Norling

Informatica e Diritto: Special Issue on Law and Computational Social Science
Faro S. and Lettieri N. (eds)
Reviewed by Dan Birks


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