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Volume 16, Issue 1

January 2013

Refereed articles

Cosmopolis: A Massively Multiplayer Online Game for Social and Behavioral Research
   Marc Spraragen, Peter Landwehr, Balakrishnan Ranganathan, Michael Zyda, Kathleen Carley, Yu-Han Chang and Rajiv Maheswaran

Tag-Mediated Altruism is Contingent on How Cheaters Are Defined
   Shade T. Shutters and David Hales

Modelling "Marriage Markets": A Population-Scale Implementation and Parameter Test
   Lyndon Walker and Peter Davis

Synthetic Population Dynamics: A Model of Household Demography
   Nicholas Geard, James M. McCaw, Alan Dorin, Kevin B. Korb and Jodie McVernon

An Agent-Based Model to Explore Game Setting Effects on Attitude Change During a Role Playing Game Session
   Emmanuel Dubois, Olivier Barreteau and Véronique Souchère

An Agent-Based Competitive Product Diffusion Model for the Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of Social Network Structure and Purchase Time Distribution
   Keeheon Lee, Shintae Kim, Chang Ouk Kim and Taeho Park

Transparency Effect in the Emergence of Monopolies in Social Networks
   Amir Hossein Shirazi, Ali Namaki, Amir Ahmad Roohi and Gholam Reza Jafari

The Leviathan Model: Absolute Dominance, Generalised Distrust, Small Worlds and Other Patterns Emerging from Combining Vanity with Opinion Propagation
   Guillaume Deffuant, Timoteo Carletti and Sylvie Huet

Policy Innovation, Decentralised Experimentation, and Laboratory Federalism
   Nicole J. Saam and Wolfgang Kerber


The Results of Meadows and Cliff Are Wrong Because They Compute Indicator y Before Model Convergence
   Guillaume Deffuant, Gérard Weisbuch, Frederic Amblard and Thierry Faure

Is Social Simulation a Social Science Outstation? A Bibliometric Analysis of the Impact of JASSS
   Flaminio Squazzoni and Niccol├│ Casnici


Agent-Based Computational Sociology
Squazzoni, Flaminio
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

The Emergence of Organizations and Markets
Padgett, John F. and Powell, Walter W.
Reviewed by Ozge Dilaver Kalkan

Grounding Social Sciences in Cognitive Sciences
Sun, Ron
Reviewed by Wander Jager

Calculating Chiefs: Simulating Leadership, Violence, and Warfare in Oceania
Younger, Stephen
Reviewed by Armando Geller

Handbook of Research Methods on Trust
Lyon, Fergus, Mollering, Guido and Saunders, Mark N. K. (eds.)
Reviewed by Rino Falcone


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