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Guillaume Deffuant

Guillaume Deffuant is head of the Laboratoire d'Ingeniérie des Systèmes Complexes in Irstea (French research institute of science and technology for environment and agriculture). He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in 1987 and got his PhD in cognitive science in 1992. Hisresearch interests are in modelling complex systems (social or ecological dynamics) and assessing their properties such as their viability or resilience. He has a long lasting more personal interest in cognitive sciences and more particularly in the concept of empathy.

rue des landais

Email: guillaume.deffuant@irstea.fr
Web: http://motive.cemagref.fr/people/guillaume.deffuant

Timoteo Carletti

Timoteo Carletti is Professor of Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Namur, Belgium, and leader of the Dynamical Systems research team.

8, rempart de la Vierge

Email: timoteo.carletti@fundp.ac.be

Sylvie Huet

Sylvie Huet, graduated in social science after her two first years of university, holds a university post-graduate technical degree in "computer science, modelling and optimisation" and a corresponding engineering degree in the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM). She is PhD student in computer and human sciences and occupies a post of computer scientist in the Laboratory of Engineering for Complex Systems, Cemagref.

24 avenue des Landais
BP 50085
F-63172 Aubière Cedex, France

Email: sylvie.huet@cemagref.fr
Web: http://wwwlisc.clermont.cemagref.fr/Labo/MembresEtPagesIntermediaires/pagesperso/membres_actuels/huet_sylvie/sylvie_huetEn.htm


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