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Volume 15, Issue 1

January 2012

Refereed articles

The Schelling Model of Ethnic Residential Dynamics: Beyond the Integrated - Segregated Dichotomy of Patterns
   Erez Hatna and Itzhak Benenson

Creating Realistic Synthetic Populations at Varying Spatial Scales: A Comparative Critique of Population Synthesis Techniques
   Kirk Harland, Alison Heppenstall, Dianna Smith and Mark Birkin

JAMSIM: a Microsimulation Modelling Policy Tool
   Oliver Mannion, Roy Lay-Yee, Wendy Wrapson, Peter Davis and Janet Pearson

Participatory Agent-Based Simulation for Renewable Resource Management: The Role of the Cormas Simulation Platform to Nurture a Community of Practice
   Christophe Le Page, Nicolas Becu, Pierre Bommel and François Bousquet

Nonlinear Dynamics of Crime and Violence in Urban Settings
   Maria Fonoberova, Vladimir A. Fonoberov, Igor Mezic, Jadranka Mezic and P. Jeffrey Brantingham

Computational Modelling of Trust and Social Relationships
   Alistair Sutcliffe and Di Wang

Rethinking the Tragedy of the Commons: The Integration of Socio-Psychological Dispositions
   Julia Schindler

Are R&D Subsidies Provided Optimally? Evidence from a Simulated Agency-Firm Stochastic Dynamic Game
   Giovanni Cerulli

Outstanding in the Field: Evaluating Auction Markets for Farmland Using Multi-Agent Simulation
   Adam Arsenault, James Nolan, Richard Schoney and Donald Gilchrist

A Hybrid Model for Disease Spread and an Application to the SARS Pandemic
   Teruhiko Yoneyama, Sanmay Das and Mukkai Krishnamoorthy


   Hugues Bersini


Heuristics: The Foundations of Adaptive Behavior
Gigerenzer, Gerd, Hertwig, Ralph and Pachur, Thorsten (eds.)
Reviewed by Frank Dignum

Thought Experiments in Methodological and Historical Contexts (History of Science and Medicine Library: Medieval and Early Modern Science 15)
Ierodiakonou, Katerina and Roux, Sophie (eds.)
Reviewed by Corinna Elsenbroich

Handbook on the Economic Complexity of Technological Change
Antonelli, Cristiano (ed.)
Reviewed by Manfred Paier

The Fair Society: The Science of Human Nature and the Pursuit of Social Justice
Corning, Peter
Reviewed by Ted Metzler

Phase Transitions (Primers in Complex Systems)
Sole, Ricard V.
Reviewed by Emile Chappin

Behavior Dynamics in Media-Sharing Social Networks
Zhao, H. Vicky, Lin, W. Sabrina and Liu, K. J. Ray
Reviewed by Adam Wierzbicki


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