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Kees Zoethout

Kees Zoethout works at the Department of Innovation Management & Strategy, Faculty of Economics & Business of the University of Groningen. He is interested in self-organizing processes, especially in human social and cognitive systems, and how these processes can be related to psychological theory.

P.O.Box 800
9700 AV

Email: k.zoethout@rug.nl
Web: http://www.rug.nl/staff/k.zoethout/index

Wander Jager

Wander Jager is associate Professor at the Department of Marketing of the University of Groningen, and works in the field of consumer behaviour. He has published on a multi-theoretical approach of consumer behaviour. Moreover, he is working on the multi- agent simulation of consumer behaviour. He is interested in the development and application of behavioural simulations on topics such as consumer choice behaviour, social networks, opinion dynamics, innovation diffusion, crowd and riot control, and the management of collective resources.

Faculty of Economics and Business
Marketing Institute
PO Box 800
9700 AV

Email: w.jager@rug.nl
Web: http://www.rug.nl/staff/w.jager/index

Eric Molleman

Eric Molleman is at the Department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour of the University of Groningen. His research focuses on the design and functioning of teams, with a special focus on team task characteristics (e.g., task autonomy, interdependence and routines) and worker attributes such as multi-functionality, personality traits and work-related attitudes.


Email: h.b.m.molleman@rug.nl
Web: http://www.rug.nl/staff/h.b.m.molleman/index


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