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Volume 13, Issue 2

March 2010

Refereed articles

Social Simulation and Analysis of the Dynamics of Criminal Hot Spots
   Tibor Bosse and Charlotte Gerritsen

Simulating Political Stability and Change in the Netherlands (1998-2002): an Agent-Based Model of Party Competition with Media Effects Empirically Tested
   Jasper Muis

Flocking Behaviour: Agent-Based Simulation and Hierarchical Leadership
   Vicenç Quera, Francesc S. Beltran and Ruth Dolado

Simulating Rural Environmentally and Socio-Economically Constrained Multi-Activity and Multi-Decision Societies in a Low-Data Context: A Challenge Through Empirical Agent-Based Modeling
   Mehdi Saqalli, Charles L. Bielders, Bruno Gerard and Pierre Defourny

Using Qualitative Evidence to Enhance an Agent-Based Modelling System for Studying Land Use Change
   J. Gary Polhill, Lee-Ann Sutherland and Nicholas M. Gotts

Simulation of the Long-Term Effects of Decentralized and Adaptive Investments in Cross-Agency Interoperable and Standard IT Systems
   Sungho Lee

Social Preference, Incomplete Information, and the Evolution of Ultimatum Game in the Small World Networks: An Agent-Based Approach
   Bo Xianyu

An Agent Based Market Design Methodology for Combinatorial Auctions
   Jinho Choi, Gyoo Gun Lim and Kun Chang Lee


The Surprising Success of a Replication That Failed
   Michael Macy and Yoshimichi Sato

Socio-Economic Mechanisms to Coordinate the Internet of Services the Simulation Environment SimIS
   Stefan König, Sebastian Hudert and Torsten Eymann


The Bounds of Reason: Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences
Gintis, Herbert
Reviewed by Juliette Rouchier

The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology
Hedström, Peter and Bearman, Peter (eds.)
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

Complexity: A Guided Tour
Mitchell, Melanie
Reviewed by John Bragin

Mind & Society: Special Issue on Social Simulation, Volume 8, Number 2, 2009
Squazzoni, F. (Ed)
Reviewed by Brian Castellani

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